Yard capacity

  • Ground Area 8.000 m2
  • Build Area 2.732 m2 distributed between 6 buildings
  • Harbour capacity
  • Bedding capacity:
    • Small bedding 150 ton
    • Large bedding 250 ton
  • Mobile crane: We move vessels up to 14 tons
  • Crewlift, with up to 20 meters of working height
  • Service of boats up to 27 Meters in length
  • 15-20 employees
  • Licenses:
    • Det Norske Veritas (The Norwegian Veritas)
    • Lloyds
    • Søfartsstyrelsen (Danish Maritime Authority)
    • Miljøgodkendelse (Environmental approval
    • Arbejdstilsynet – Niveau 1 virksomhed
      (The Labour Inspectorate – Level 1 company)

About Mathis Værft

Mathis Værft, which was established in 1857, is a danish shipyard with strong ties in Jutland and in international waters. It is our goal to live up to the same high quality work, which Mathis Værft is and has been known for in all these years.

That is why we have the ability to both build and service composite vessel and wooden ships, aswell as work on accommodation and other kind of maintaince in steel and aluminium vessels.

It is our goal that all projects, which are handed over to the yard, will experience renovations, maintaince or modifications of superior quality, no matter the type of vessel, no matter if it is new or old or if its for leisure, competition or commercial use.