At Dansk Marine Center – Aalborg Yacht Værft servicing, reparations, maintainance and reconstructions are a big part of our every day work.

We therefore have a wide span of competencies when it comes to fishing vessels, small ferrys and yachts. Both sail and engine.

Service and maintaince:


  • Selden Service Partner, We do the rigging, peg terminals, on wire up to 12 mm
  • Special accommodation
  • Teakdeck & Flexiteek
  • We paint boats up to 27 Meters in length
  • Licensed AWL grip yard
  • We do Coppercoat treatments
  • Assemply of Bow Propellers
  • Electricity work
  • Engine installations
  • Sale and assemply of masts
  • Rust free work and assemply
  • Reparation and breakdown service
  • Reparation of leaks from running aground
  • Osmosis treatment
  • Reconstructions

We offer

    • All kinds of reparations of highly skilled workers in both wood and composite
    • Design and guidance related to reconstructions, new contructions aswell as design changes to all kind of vessels
    • Formbuilding and production