Mathis Værft, founded in 1857, is a danish shipyard with its roots well burried in the soil of Jutland but also with good international connections.

It is our goal to sustain the craft quality the shipyard is founded on. The shipyard is capable of building and perform maintenance of good wooden ships as well as performing accommodational work and other types of maintanance of steel- and aluminum vessels.

We make it our goal that every project sustain the proper craft quality, wether the project is building new vessels or repairs, maintanance, conversion or improvements on the family yacht, fishing vessel, ferry or competitive sailing boat.


Basic information

Mathis Værft is a private limited company, register number 3480 1797, with a share capital of DKK 1,000,000. The Company is owned and run by Kristian S. Mathiesen and Niels P. Mathiesen.

The shipyard has invested heavily in buildings and machinery the last decade, rendering the shipyard modern and fit for projects in both classical and high-tech boat building.

Repairs and maintanance is also a part of the work routines around the shipyard.

Capacity of the yard:
Plot 8,000 m2
Built 2,732 m2 spread over 5 halls.
Capacity of the quay
Bedding Capacity 150-250 tons
Mobile crane
Employees 15-20

Det Norske Veritas
Environmental approval
Labour Inspection – Level 1 company


Person portrait

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Business portrait

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