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It’s about commitment, daring – and craftsmanship

By Erik Brandt Jensen, sø
Visiting a home of fine craftsmanship – and strong opinions about maritime opportunities

Once, Aalborg was one of Denmark’s proud shipbuilding cities . Like Nakskov , Svendborg , Odense, Munkebo , Ringkøbing , Aarhus , Helsingor , Frederikshavn and Copenhagen … No more mentioned, none forgotten .

Now is the time when the Danish shipyard workers went to the steel in just about any seaport , as we know a thing of the past , but some places fought actually a bit of defiance against the currents of time still . And although Skagen, Soby , sens and Faaborg may not send the same number of evidence of good maritime Danish craft on the oceans , as above shut up business adventure , then you still can in mentioned cities .

Mathis Shipyard

And actually built there – sometimes – also increasingly ships in Aalborg. Or rather, vessels and boats in somewhat smaller scale than, for example. the last flashy cruise ships that were built in the city yard. More precisely, you do so at Mathis Shipyard, among other things, can boast of having delivered one of Denmark’s oldest existing pilot boats (Skaw Pilot II).

For the most part it is in everyday repairs and maintenance that keeps the proceedings at Mathis Shipyard. It was, however, no way that you would not like to send more recently built quality units out sailing. It just will not make it to uncompetitive prices or compromising on quality.

Great price, great quality 

“It ‘s actually very simple, ” says shipyard director Niels P. Mathiesen .

” If there is no healthy economy in a task for both sides, so we assume it does not . And we are not on the quality doubtful compromises in order to get us the kind of tasks – or to get economical to carry it out. So better refrain from the project, ” he says.

“It’s now even my business philosophy that one should be able to answer the expense in terms of both money and conscience ,” says Niels Mathiesen .

” This does not mean that I skoser those who were . On the contrary , I find that it’s more than a shame that so much proficiency , competence and flair has disappeared. Not to say that the development society has been very close to irresponsible seen through a little more long-term glasses. “

” How, for example . be so short-sighted to close the world’s most efficient shipyard ? Among other things, with the half slack grounds that steel prices were too high – when the consequence may choose to have his amazing concept ship building and afkopiere in the Far East . It provides at least not make much sense to me , “says Niels Mathiesen.

Future is possible 

He do not bother to come with ready-made recipes for what you might have chosen to do since shipyard death began to roll into the country and the invaluable skills oozed with out in the sea of ​​time . It makes no sense now, but he is convinced that the future always has potential. It did it then and it does now.

” It is as such . Yes, we man for man are expensive to run this country , but it is perhaps so that we should try to rethink . Performance -wise, we certainly fully capable to match most . I can do as a business owner and more broad-based civic good sign , ” states Niels Mathiesen .

” I would even go so far as to say that an effective Dane is as good as two Americans , or up to 10 worker bees from a shipyard in the Far East – where he has tools and training in order. And it is he , because he can think for themselves and because he is not afraid to participate in a discussion as to whether a pipe penetration etc. are rightly conceived or not. But unfortunately this Dane too often let down by the type who only think of short-sighted economic lines. “



Niels Mathiesen is well aware that he is out with some controversial views when he calls , inter alia, the decision to close Lindøværftet a bad excuse and short-term financial decision. Just as he did not care much for the unaccountability , looking at various public authorities and decision-making bodies , particularly as regards awards .

“The whole scandal around IC4 trains speaks as an example for themselves, if you look a little beyond the narrow maritime sphere. It ‘s a typical example of how we are too “nice” in Denmark , while the same is hardly would never happen , for example . countries like Poland or France. There would never find that sammenflikke an invitation so naive that you almost had to pre -select a super national product (IC3 with the possibility of further development ) in favor of Italian paper design. “

Everyone’s responsibility

“It’s unfortunately a fatal multi-billion scandal of the whole society, and that is it for taxpayers and community oriented trælst to witness – to put it to good Jutland . Especially because that does not really draw any responsibility for it all, so you could draw better learn. “

“But we see it also in the maritime area home, which included is considerable on the invitation tasks while so sought to save the project. It may be mentioned are not a few examples of areas such as our own little segment domains with rescue vessels, pilot boats and the characters.